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World Cup 2019

Before you know it, world cup 2019 will be here in a jiffy. You should know that every match played counts. Every point won makes a difference to the position of the team in the ICC ranking table. Taking into consideration all the matches played so far, the following teams have automatically qualified for the 2019 World Cup.

South Africa, India, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

West Indies could have made the list. They missed the top eight ranks before the Champions Trophy and could not participate in the second most coveted cup of the ICC. When they lost to England in the very first match of the tournament, they had to step away giving way to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been having a really bad time. They were completely dominated over by the visiting Indian Cricket team in all the forms of the game - test match, ODI and T20. They needed this piece of good news.

September 30th is the deadline. All the teams that have made it to the top eight have earned automatic qualification for the 2019 world cup. The teams that are not in this list have to fight it out among themselves. The ten team ICC world cup qualifier takes place in 2018 out of which two teams will join the top eight at the world cup tournament in 2019.

As of now, the four teams that will take part in the qualifier are West Indies, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, and Ireland. The other teams will be decided by year-end.

South Africa
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

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