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Editor’s Pick(TNPL) Madurai Super Giants - Thiruvallur Veerans

Honestly, the giants are not exactly being super now. They have lost all four matches played. They need to win this match to open their account and show their calibre. Even in 2016, they were last on the table with zero wins from six matches.
The Veerans on the other hand are doing alright. They are fifth on the table. They can topple the current standings and can make it to the next level if they win every match from here on.
Let’s take a look at a possible winning combination for today.

Baba Aparjith
Sanjay Yadav
NS Chaturved
R Karthikeyan
R Silambarasan
M Rangarajan
Rahil Shah
Arun Karthik
S Siddharth
Shijit Chandran

Shahrukh Khan just missed the cut. He has shown tremendous potential and can be added to the lineup as well.
What do you think?
P.S. Please note that the above-expressed opinions are purely the Editor’s. We do not take responsibility, nor can we guarantee the performance of the players. All the best !!!


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