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Editor’s Pick(TNPL): Chepauk Super Gillies - Ruby Trichy Warriors

It does not look like it could be a close match. Chennai is second on the table with four wins from five matches. Trichy is second last with only one win from four matches.
My original team was made up of
Batsmen - T Sargunam, Baba Indrajith, Bharath Shankar,
Bowlers - R Alexander, J Koushik, Ravisrinivasan S, Anthony Dhas
Wicket-Keeper -  H Gopinath
All-Rounder - Rajagopal Satish, Akkil Srinaath

But I had three points and I had only ten players on my lineup. So I had to drop Rajagopal Satish. I added two more players in his place.

My current lineup
Bharath Shankar
Baba Indrajith
T Sargunam
Kannan Vignesh
Anthony Dhas
Ravisrinivasan S
J Koushik
R Alexander
S Karthik
H Gopinath
Akkil Srinaath

Akkil Srinaath is, in my opinion, one of the most promising players of this season. He has shown great potential and is likely to help his team reach the finals.
What do you think?
P.S. Please note that the above-expressed opinions are purely the Editor’s. We do not take responsibility, nor can we guarantee the performance of the players. All the best !!!


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