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Editor’s Pick(TNPL): Lyca Kovai Kings - Dindigul Dragons

Most teams have by now played three matches. The Tuti Patriots top the table with three wins from all three matches. With six points and a run rate of +1.004, the Patriots are on top of their game. They are the defending champions and they have what it takes to defend their title. The Chennai team have two wins from two matches. They are third on the table because their run rate (+0.613) is less than that of VB Thiruvallur Veerans who also have two wins. But from three matches. Today’s match is between Lyca Kovai Kings - Dindigul Dragons. Kovai has one win from two matches. The Dragons have one win from three matches but have a better run rate. End of the day, the run rate still matters. England or India. Let’s take a look at one possible lineup. Don’t think Murali Vijay is playing. R Ashwin is playing for India so he is not available either. You can pick K Vignesh. He is in good form. Batsmen Ashwin Venkataraman Ganga Sridhar L Suryaprakash BA Sita Ram Bowlers MS

Editor's Pick(Kabaddi): Telugu Titans - Bengaluru Bulls

Our Fantasy Kabaddi is here. Let’s get cracking on this game and see how well we can play. Hope you have read the other two blogs on the game and the players. Today’s first game on our Fantain Fantasy App is Telugu Titans Vs Bengaluru Bulls. Telugu Titans - Squad strength: 18 (16 Indian, 2 Overseas) Defenders – Rohit Rana, Farhad Rahimi, Vinod Kumar, Amit Singh Chhillar, Sombir Raiders – Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Athul MS, Rahul Chaudhari, Vikas Kumar, Vikas (Services), Nilesh Salunke, Munish, Vinoth Kumar, Munish, Vikrant, Ankit Malik All Rounders – Rakesh Kumar, Vishal Bharadwaj, Elangeshwaran R Bengaluru Bulls - Squad strength: 18 (16 Indian, 2 Overseas) Defenders –  Ravinder Pahal, Sachin Kumar, Navjot Singh, Pradeep Narwal, Kuldeep Singh, Mahender Singh Raiders – Rohit Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Sumit Singh, Harish Naik, Sinotharan Kanesharajah, Gurvinder Singh, Rohit, Sunil Jaipal All Rounders – Sanjay Shrestha, Ashish Kumar, Ankit Sangwan, Amit, Preetam Chhillar Th

Editor’s Pick(TNPL): VB Thiruvallur Veerans - Ruby trichy Warriors

Trichy is currently towards the bottom of the table with one loss from its only match played. VBT on the other hand are slightly better with one win from two matches. The Veerans played much better in their second game and look more confident than the Warriors. Baba Aparajith is making for quite a captain indeed. Will Malolan’s experience match Akkil Srinaath’s youth in the opposition? My lineup Batsmen NS Chaturved Sanjay Yadav Baba Aparjith Baba Indrajith Bharath Shankar Bowlers Abhishek Tanwar Rahil Shah Malolan Rangarajan Kannan Vignesh All-Rounder Akkil Srinath Wicket-Keeper R Nilesh Subramanian What do you think? Indu P.S. Please note that the above-expressed opinions are purely the Editor’s. We do not take responsibility, nor can we guarantee the performance of the players. All the best !!!

Editor’s Pick(TNPL): Karaikudi Kaalai - Tuti Patriots

Currently on top of the table with two wins from two matches and entering this year’s tournament as the defending champs, Tuti Patriots come off as the obvious favourite. Karaikudi Kaalai, third on the table with one win from two matches and fifth from last year, they will want to show that they can be on top as well. KK lost their first match but came back strong to defeat Madurai. Vishal Vaidya helped pull it off. S Anirudha also matched with his contribution. Badrinath has it in him to help lead his team to victory. Batsmen Akash Sumra S Badrinath Kaushik Gandhi S Anirudha Bowlers S Mohan Prasath Shoaib Md Khan Sunil Sam L Balaji Aushik Srinivas Wicket-Keeper Dinesh Karthik All-Rounder Washington Sundar Subramanian Anand can also be picked. SP Nathan too. Here’s my Alternate lineup Batsmen Akash Sumra SP Nathan K Vishal Vaidhya S Anirudha Kaushik Gandhi Bowlers R Sonu Yadav Aushik Srinivas S Mohan Prasath Wicket-Keeper Uma

Kaba-data: All You Need To Know About Fantasy Kabaddi

One would be surprised as to how popular the game actually is. From the animated cartoon Chhota Bheem to a popular Hindi Movie, Pardes, a lot depended on the outcome of Kabaddi in it. Yes, from children to adults, this game is watched and loved passionately. Now, not only do we get to watch over 113 matches by 12 teams, we get to play it on the Fantain App as well. So let’s get our basics covered before we get into how to pick a fab lineup. The rules of the game are simple. There are two teams of seven each(five reserve players). They face each other for two halves of twenty minutes each. Each player has to run across the center line into the opponent’s half of the court, tag as many players as possible and get back safely to his side. The trick is to do this in one breath while chanting ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’. Players are ‘revived’ and brought back to the game in the order in which they were out. Changing the order will result in a point for the opponent. Players are tagged a

Editor’s Pick(TNPL): Chepauk Super Gillies - Lyca Kovai Kings

In the third match of TNPL 2017, Chepauk Super Gillies, in their first match of season 2, defeated Thiruvallur Veerans. Chepauk was the runner up in season one. They look like they want to win the cup this year. Lyca Kovai Kings won their first match this season too, defeating Kaaraikudi Kaalai by 6 wickets. The two teams met in 2016, TNPL Season One 2nd Semi-Final. Chennai made 161 runs but Coimbatore managed to put only 144, losing by 17 runs. Which is quite a big gap for a T20 match. Let’s take a look at today’s possible lineup Batsmen L Suryaprakash Thalaivan Sargumam S Harish Kumar BA Sita Ram S Harish Kumar Bowlers Arun Kumar K Vignesh Yo Mahesh Wicket-Keepers H Gopinath S Karthik All-Rounders Rajagopal Satish JS Mohammad Both captains have led the teams from the front. That adds to the morale of the team. S Saravanan has the potential to hit hard. Alternate Lineup Batsmen BA Sita Ram L Suryaprakash T Sargunam Bowlers M Siddharth Ashw

Editor’s Pick(TNPL): Dindigul Dragons - VB Thiruvallur Veerans

In the season premier of TNPL, Dindigul won one match more than VBT and made the cut. VBT could not make it the top half of the table. When the two teams met last year, the dragons won by 29 runs. N Jagadeesan hit 87 with GS Raju contributing 45 runs. Here’s my lineup Batsmen Baba Aparjith Ganga S Raju Sanjay Yadav NS Chaturved Bowlers Manolan Rangarajan MS Sanjay Abhishek Tanwar T Natarajan Wicket-Keeper N Jagadeesan All-Rounders R Vivek S Siva Baba Aparjith is bound to hit this match. GS Raju has proven to be consistent. S Siva is also in good form. He is an obvious choice. M Rangarajan is also a must-pick. Sanjay Yadav can be picked as he contributes both with bat and ball. What do you think? Indu P.S. Please note that the above-expressed opinions are purely the Editor’s. We do not take responsibility, nor can we guarantee the performance of the players. All the best !!!

It's Kabaddi Time!!

‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’ One of the oldest games in history, it is quite a popular game in India. A fun yet intense contact sport, it is also used as a recreational form of combat training. To be able to hold your breath and chant ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’ endlessly while trying to strike the opponent players out is incredibly challenging and exhausting. It is not as easy as it looks. A game that is approximately 4000 years old, it is still being played, loved and admired even today. Such is the magic of the game, Kabaddi. It is touted to be one of the most popular games in Asia. The sport is now being celebrated globally. This game is known as the game of the masses. It is simple and appeals the public to a great extent. This outdoor clay court sport does not require expensive equipment but lately has also been played on the indoor synthetic surface. The thing about Kabaddi is that while it is a very simple game, it is also a blink-and-you-miss action. You are not given any