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Get serious about your sports sponsorships

We are seeing big growth in the amount of money being spent on Sports - globally and here in India (much higher growth rates in India).  But one thing is common across almost all major sports sponsorships - companies ‘believe’ that this is money well spent, without having the data to prove it is.    Here are some revealing statistics to consider.   As per a recent article - 1.  Only 35% of marketers consistently measure impact of sponsorships 2.  A full 25% of marketers do zero or near-zero data collection and analytics on sponsorships 3.  Only 47% of marketers have a method to try to quantify value 4.  A massive 80% feel the need to do something about this At Fantain, we are working with one of our key customers to address this problem.  We are building a  Sponsor Effectiveness Dashboard - that quantifies the value a sponsor gets in spending money on sports.