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IPL match logistics

I have always wondered about the amount of work that will go on behind the scenes in conducting a cricket match.   With a tournament like IPL - given its huge popularity, international contingent and showbiz connections - it is fair to assume that this will be one hell of a project management task.  Here is a good article written by Amrit Mathur about what goes on behind the scenes....

7 things I want to see in this IPL

Another IPL is around the corner and I wanted to share 7 things that I would love to see in this year’s edition.  Medium Scoring Matches: Call me old fashioned but 20-over games where teams score 200+ is horrible.  I would like to see scores around the 150 mark for a good game of cricket.Super fast bowling: I would love to see atleast 4 bowlers in the league who can bowl at speeds over 150 kmph.   To see someone bowling at 125 kmph opening the bowling is plain boring.Specialist bowlers:  I am tired of guys like Rajat Bhatia and Virat Kohli bowling in a 20 over game.  This is supposed to be a game where every over counts. Advertisement in the middle of play and not the other way around. I understand ads are important. But I surely don't want to see the pitch exploding to introduce me to the wonders of a new chocolate !!Better facilities for fans at the stadium: While things have improved a great deal over the last couple of years, going to watch a cricket game is still a terrible ex…