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The Science behind Fan Engagment

IPL teams have recognized the importance of fan loyalty but are clueless on how to go about building a loyal fan base.    They started off assuming that this would happen automatically because they had captive markets and strong regional affiliations.   Once they saw that this was not happening they started taking a very ‘top down’ approach to solving this problem.    Design some marketing programs at the very top and pray that the benefits reach the fans.   This has also come to naught. The only way to building fan loyalty is by taking a   ‘bottom up’ or fan centric approach   – building a loyal base one fan at a time.    Teams need to invest in understanding its fans, offer the fans what they want and only then will fans reward them with their loyalty.   You can’t rush this process.   Just because you have 10 beautiful women around you, you cannot deliver a baby in 1 month, now can you J Building fan loyalty is a complex science.   While monetization of fan