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MSD's captaincy

Is it just me or are there others who think that Dhoni is a terrible captain?   I am a big India and Chennai Super Kings fan.   Both teams have done very well under MSD over the last few years.   So I shouldn’t complain – right?   Wrong.   I believe that we win in spite of Dhoni on many occasions and not because of him – certainly not his captaincy.   Dhoni as a keeper-batsman is awesome and worth his weight in gold.   That is not the point.   But the mistakes that he makes in captaincy again and again is mind-boggling.    Remember how he kept saying that Ashwin was a great spinner and kept dropping him during the World Cup?   Remember his crazy faith on players like Piyush Chawla, Rohit Sharma, etc. when all of us were tearing our hair out.   And add to that instances like what we saw in the last game – dropping Zaheer after saying he was the ‘Sachin’ of Indian bowling, etc.    And it is clear from the press reports today that Sehwag was not ‘requested’ to sit out like it was m